4 Practical Advice to Make One’s Trip to Faro Unforgettable 

Probably many people have no idea where Faro is. This should not be so! Everyone should know about this amazing place! Faro is a city in the southern part of Portugal. The city lies on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. An interesting fact from history is that in 1722 and 1755, the city was greatly destroyed by earthquakes. However, now it has become a popular destination among tourists. This website has more information about Faro and Portugal. A trip to Faro can become one of the best travel experiences. 

Advice # 1 Plan your time in Faro

Every trip that was planned has a better chance of becoming a good one. When a traveler learns about a place more and knows what he/she wants to see and do, then there will be fewer unpleasant surprises. The good thing is that Faro is a small city, so a trip of 2-3 days would be enough to explore it, and the prices for housing are affordable. Check out the options of the best car hire at Faro airport. With a Faro rental car, you can: 

  • Explore the old town.
  • Visit Faro Cathedral.
  • Go to Museu Municipal.
  • Go on a boat trip in Ria Formosa.

Advice # 2 Rent a car for a Faro Trip 

Since the city is not very big, one can visit a lot of tourist locations per day. With a car, this would be much faster and more comfortable. Also, it is very convenient to take a car if a few friends travel together. It is a great option to share the expenses for car rental. Companies that offer Faro cars for hire have many cars available, and the prices are very affordable! Booking a car in advance (before the trip) will save some money for a traveler. 

Advice # 3 Visit local cafes and restaurants

When traveling to such cozy, small towns like Faro, it is always a good idea to visit small restaurants and cafes. Such places usually serve the freshest and tastiest seafood. Locals usually also enjoy visiting such places. Usually, a person coming to the airport is a bit tired and hungry, so a person can use Faro airport hire a car service, and go straight to have lunch or dinner. 

Advice # 4 Enjoy Faro’s nature and sights

For a person coming to Faro for the first time, it would be a good idea to visit the Islands of Faro. Boats are the most widespread kind of transport in Faro. Tourists have a chance to enjoy islands, see the lagoons on the northern side of Faro. Beautiful nature and wildlife can be enjoyed too. Beaches are not crowded, which is great for people who prefer calm and relaxing rest. 


For a person who is planning to come to Faro for the first time, there are many things to do. It is a great place for people who do not like a lot of noise and partying. This is a small and cozy city with its very special atmosphere. One can explore the city, check out the natural sights and enjoy tasty cuisine. A person who decided to come to Faro will not regret this choice. Hiring a car in Portugal is easy too. One can spend some time in Portugal and then go to Faro by car. 

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