How A Mass Texting Service Can Boost Your Business Productivity And Efficiency

Text messaging gets more interaction from opt-in subscribers than email, phone, snail mail, and offline marketing strategies. Here’s why: according to Zippia, 85% of adults use a smartphone, and 12% use a non-smartphone. Besides reach, there are five more reasons companies should opt-in to mass text messaging.

Saves Time

Texting one person is easy. When you have over 100 cell phone numbers to reach, it’s tedious and time-consuming. A mass texting service will send a text to 100 people with the same effort as texting one person. The extra time saved can go to other parts of the business. For example, you can schedule text messages to send on a specific day, time, or event.

It doesn’t hurt that the texting service is easy to use. You only need a few people running it because the texting service does most of the heavy lifting.

Fast Response

A text message gets to the point quickly because you don’t have the word and character count to lollygag. The short and sweet message keeps the readers laser-focused on your business. A new subscriber opts in because they know your business and want to learn and invest more in it.

The awareness your audience gets by opening a text message is seconds and minutes compared to days with email. A text message taking less than five minutes of a person’s time to read and respond is a sweet bonus. Email reading and responses take over five minutes.

Even if some people decline to opt-in on company text messaging, the ones that do will be the audience that grows your business. The small but mighty subscribers will answer your messages, buy your products, and refer you to others. They will treat your company as a priority, hence the fast response.

Customer Service

Treating text messages like a live chat service resolves troubleshooting issues, questions, and complaints quickly. By adding a text service to your help desk or customer service, customers receive a quick, personalized response to their issues. Satisfied customers will leave glowing reviews and respond positively to customer surveys. The approach also avoids contentious in-person appearances and phone calls.

Similarly, you can send text reminders about appointments and events. You can also send text messages about cancellations, reschedules, relocations, and sudden changes. Furthermore, you can send links to invoices/payment pages and PDF documents. That reduces mishaps.


Sometimes, reaching a large audience means sending mass texts to the right audience. Your audience is not a one-size-fits-all group, so not everyone will subscribe to the same things. Therefore, target your message to a group interested in hearing it. It shows that you will listen and invest in their wants and needs. You can also sort texts based on surveys, quizzes, or Q&A responses.

That personal touch is something users appreciate, and it also makes companies appear less cold-hearted.

Saves Money

By investing in a texting service, you can spend less on paper, printing, stamps, and TV/radio/print/web advertising. Generally, texting a person costs at least ten cents to send compared to dollars for a phone call. It takes much more money for social media, online, and offline advertising. The ideal bulk text messaging service will free up funds to spend on other parts of the business.

Besides, you reach thousands of users who read and respond to your message within five minutes of sending it. The return on investment (ROI) is more profitable and visible than the other marketing methods. With the other methods, you are spending money hoping for a return.

The enticing part is you will know instantly if the text messaging service is working or requires a change. The right technology makes instant feedback about open rate, click-through rate, and ROI easy to access. With the other methods, the only guarantees the strategy is effective are through word of mouth and referrals.

With nearly the entire country owning a cell phone, companies must include mass text messaging in their marketing strategy. As long as you personalise text messages for the subscriber, you save time and money while receiving a fast response and a great ROI. As a result, customer service and company efficiency improve tremendously.

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