The Benefits of Education

Education is the process by which individuals acquire knowledge, skills and values. It occurs throughout a person’s life – at home, at work or within the community setting – and can take place anywhere.

Benefits of Education
Education can lead to higher incomes, more opportunities in life and improved health compared to those without a full education. Societies with high rates of educational completion also tend to have lower crime rates, stronger economic stability and greater equality.

Schooling equips students with the ability to make independent decisions and think critically and logically, equipping them for all of the major and minor decisions that will arise throughout their lives. This prepares them for both big and small decisions alike.

College provides people with the opportunity to secure high-paying jobs that offer them financial stability, leading to a healthy and contented life free from poverty.

People become confident, independent and brave through meditation, which in turn helps them conquer challenges and fears when confronted with unexpected circumstances.

Create a Meaningful Life
To live an enriching life and contribute to the well-being of others is our purpose. This involves knowledge about yourself, self-efficacy, sense of wellbeing, social capital, physical health, kinesthetic skills, creativity, media literacy, wisdom and harmony with nature.

Create a Good Society
To become citizens who take responsibility for their communities and act collectively to sustain our planet. This includes believing all are equal and should have equal access to opportunities based on their skillset, hard work, and faith in accessing necessary resources.