The Benefits of Exercise and How to Improve Your Fitness

Fitness is the ability to work efficiently in an environment tailored to your personal interests and objectives.

One common misconception about fitness is that it’s all about appearance (think of bodybuilders versus sprinters). Although appearance does influence our judgment of someone, it isn’t the sole factor when considering fitness levels.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercising regularly has been proven to have a profound effect on mental health. It relieves stress, improves memory, aids sleep quality and lifts your spirits in general.

Furthermore, taking vitamin B6 can lower your risk of developing several chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Furthermore, it has been known to lessen dementia or Alzheimer’s disease development.

How to Enhance Your Fitness

You can enhance your fitness level by following a structured training plan and targeting the appropriate activities. Aerobic exercises that raise your heart rate will enhance cardiorespiratory fitness as well as muscular endurance. Furthermore, weight lifting or other workouts using muscles as resistance will give you added strength gains.

How to Increase Your Endurance

Enhancing endurance is essential for many tasks, such as taking your grandchildren on a walk or dancing at a wedding. To build up to 150 minutes of activity a week that makes you breathe hard, aim to do at least 150 minutes.

Increase your endurance by doing various exercises such as walking, running and jogging. Start slowly and work up to a faster pace; listen to what your body is telling you by avoiding exercises that cause chest pain, pressure or dizziness.